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Burrillville High School

Go Broncos?

9/3/05 11:01 am - 1wanderingsoul5 - Test in Goudreau's Class on Tuesday.

I was wondering if anyone knows what the format of the test for summer reading is going to be... you know like essay questions, multiple choice... etc.

8/31/05 06:14 pm - pinkpumpkin31

Hello...i just have a quick question...

school starts tomorrow, and i already bought some notebooks and such...
and i was wondering whether it would be smart to bring that to school tomorrow...or wait?

i'm thinking i'm giong to wait..




8/24/05 07:24 pm - pinkpumpkin31 - Band orientation thingy

Hello all..

anyone here who is in the band:

In case Mrs. Favali forgets (which is likely) when it gets time for the little speeches at the orientation thing...can someone come get me?
i'll be in the big gym...
and Becca too...get her as well. :)

Thanks much

8/21/05 11:51 pm - orangeroses434

Hey hey hey...

I couldn't figure out how to join... but luckily Kayla mislick helped me. Glad I could join!


Jen, I know you. We were fellow trombone members!

8/21/05 07:08 pm - pinkpumpkin31

Hello All...

I"m Kayla...

just thought i'd try posting...


8/19/05 02:48 pm - 1wanderingsoul5

Hi Everyone!
I started this community for BHS students and alumni to share news, stories, information, stories about teachers and other random crap having to do with Burrillville and our High School.

At the moment, we have 2 members: Kayla Caron and myself. We are the maintainers of this community. (that pretty much means we control everything :-P)

Please tell people that you know about this... the more people, the better.

13 days until school...

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